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"Susan Stafford is an artist of phenomenon talents.  In New Jersey the story of Sammy the abused Cocker Spaniel is already become well known world wide.  Susan sketched a picture after he recovered and it hangs in the veterinary hospital where he was cared for and brought back to life.  This drawing is to remind all who enter that while their pets may be pampered, not all animals are.  Susan so accurately captured the hope in Sammy's eyes that he seems to be thanking you.  I highly recommend Susan, and know you will be satisfied with the high quality product she delivers."  

Tom Deus...South Carolina    



                                       HARRY AND LUNA

"The drawing of our two poodles  speaks volumes about the artist, my sister who presented the  gift and what having poodles has meant to our lives.  The artist has captured their personalities, one very sensitive and gentle, while the other inquisitive and effervescent.  My sister whose heart is mirrored in their eyes, cares about her family and friends in her unique quiet and gentle manner.  Along the journey of life, when a rescued dog rescues a human, hearts beat ever so gently.  These two beautiful poodles were rescued and hesrts in our family now beat to a gentle drum.  Susan has captured the depth of their souls mirrored in their eyes.  Thank  you."       


harry and luna



"I was in awe over the details you were able to capture in the drawing you did for us of Peaches, so lifelike.  Every little nuance is there including those little tufts of fur that stand up above her ears.  Anyone that sees the picture recognizes her immediately and wants to know who drew it.  Keep it up, you really have a wonderful gift."

 Karen Frank.....New York                                                                                 


                                                     Dennis Walters and Bucky

"Oh, the love between a man and his dog.  Susan has captured this emotion perfectly without knowing the expression on Dennis's face.  She understands and translates those feelings with paper and pencil and with skill and passion.  The bond between Dennis, a paraplegic, and Bucky, his service dog, is extraordinary as is Susan's ability to show it in her drawings.  Thank you Sue for creating this wonderfuk gift. "

Becky and Wayne Warms....New Jersey            




"Sue, thanks sooo much for the drawing of our dog Dash.  It was a perfect Valentines gift for my wife and she immediately took it to our local framing shop.  It is part of our family wall of art works."

Richard Copeland.....New Jersey



Thank you for this wonderful surprise!  You really captured the essence of my "bathroom supervisor".  Thanks a million, Sue.

Sheila Stafford.....New Jersey                                                          Finnegan Stafford


                                                                                         ADAM AND HEIDI

" When I received my drawing of my nephew and the guide dog puppy I was truly delighted.  The detail is amazing and so very life like.  Heidi, did graduate and became a seeing eye dog and my nephew Adam did cry when they were separated but all is well once again with more seeing eye dogs coming and going.  I recommend Susan to anyone looking for such a special gift of love for themselves, friend or family."

Colin Fraser.....Scotland                                                                                         

                                                                                    Adam and Heidi



"Susan has a wonderful gift of capturing the personality of animals, as if they were speaking to her.  I can't thank her enough for her lovely pencil drawing of my late Isabel, such a beautiful technique. Anyone having Susan create a drawing for them will not be dissappointed."

Fran Cullen.....North Carolina                                                                                



                                          ALI AND SIMBA

"Thank you so much for capturing the mood of my two cats Ali and Simba.  Your likeness and detail is incredible and it now hangs on our living room wall where all who enter can enjoy. "

Terri McKinney.....Florida

                                                                            Terri's Cats