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Commissioned Portraits

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About Drawing

I draw on Bristol paper, 11x14 in size, 100% cotton, acid free, archival with a two-ply vellum surface.  The 11x14 drawing fits into a 12x16 frame with a 8.5x11.5 mat opening or a 11x14 frame with mat a 7.5x9.5 mat opening or the 11x14 can go into a 16x20 frame and with mat a 10.5x13.5 opening.  The opening size and width of the mat can be discussed once I have reviewed submitted picture.  When working with more than one person or animal I would recommend the 16x20 frame.  By staying within the standard sizes, I try to keep the framing economical. Your pictue will be matted with a gallery quality mat and have a backing and plastic envelope for protection.  You can of course have any picture custom framed.

I can work from several photographs to capture the personality and likeness.  However, one good photo is enough with good lighting to allow me to pick up more detail, if you have a favorite photo that you want rendered as an original drawing.  I am willing to take the photo myself at no extra cost providing you are within a reasonable driving distance.


This rescent portrait I drew was done on 11 x 14 two-ply vellum.   I used a 12 x 16 mat and frame to complete (not shown) for a large but modest size wall hanging.  The mat opening was 8.5 x 11.5.